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Our endeavor is to deliver one-of-a-kind, once in a lifetime, ocean based experiences, customized to any level of a client's needs, skill set or appetite. HWO is positioned to bring elite access and exclusive experiences to guests in and around the ocean; with unparalleled attention to service and safety.

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Mark has carefully drawn together an esteemed team of like-minded water experts and professionals as part of the HWO team. This extraordinary collective brings together various water-based disciplines and aqua expertise to provide an enviable opportunity for clients to experience a truly inspirational as well as educational ocean adventure - be it above or below the waves. From gliding down the face of a wave, learning vital breathing techniques from an acclaimed freediver, swimming with whale sharks, spear-fishing, deep-sea fishing, kayaking, kiteboarding or exploring hidden coves, there is an expert and a water activity waiting to make all your underwater dreams come true.

With an extensive list of formidable water activities for all skill levels and educational options for all ages, complemented by luxurious hotel accommodations, clients can indulge in their daring wish lists, exceed their aquatic expectations and achieve once-in-a-lifetime ocean experiences. These options can be tailored for adults as well as families creating an adventure that is bound to create unforgettable memories and one which turns the tide on more conventional water pursuits. Clients will gain unprecedented access to ground-breaking ocean professionals and the ocean like never before.

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"The concept of HWO emerged over the last two decades while exploring our watery planet as a professional surfer, diver, stunt man and shark expert. Throughout the diverse evolution of my career, I realized that there was a void for a first-class, professionally run guiding service designed specifically for a personalized experience with the ocean. I was aware of various places that specialized in one or two activities, but none that could handle the diverse array of client ambitions for a totally customized adventure and experience, which includes unparalleled attention to service while providing unlimited access to all water disciplines. Through my varied pursuits and experiences, I not only have a very unique perspective on how to achieve this, but I also have exclusive relationships with the most accomplished ocean professionals on the planet."

- Mark Healey

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Mark Healey is a legendary and intrepid big wave surfer, free diver, spearfisherman, conservationist, skydiver, bow hunter, yoga practitioner, photographer, filmmaker and Hollywood stuntman. He has devoted his life to the sea. In doing so becoming one of the world’s foremost professional Watermen.

Mark grew up with the pulse of the ocean in his blood. Hailing from the North Shore of Oahu, his world was shaped by the ever-changing sea and the lush tropical landscape that surrounded him. Mark’s aquatic education began when his father led, then three-year-old, Healey out into powerful eight-foot high Hawaiian surf. Since this first experience of nature’s true potential, Mark has continually strived to find new ways in which to explore, commune with and protect our natural world. In his own words, “the ocean is just endlessly fascinating to me, it’s constantly changing and you never know what to expect, it’s a great escape but also so grounding and healing,” he adds, “I could live for a thousand years, and it would still never get old.” It’s yet to be seen if Mark with live for a thousand years, but in the 36 short years Mark has been on earth, he has accomplished more than most will during their lifetime.

Healey first gained the surf world’s collective attention as an unidentified 14 year old confidently riding down the face of a 40 foot wave at notorious Waimea Bay. Since then he’s surfed in every big wave event there is, from the Oahu-based and revered Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau Memorial Contest, to the traveling Big Wave World Tour. Mark is also nominated routinely every year in multiple categories for the prestigious annual World Surf League XXL Big Wave Awards. He also competes as a spearfisherman, taking home first place at The Blue Water Spearfishing World Cup in La Paz, Mexico. When called upon, Mark also is a Hollywood stuntman collaborating on many productions that require his expertise and guidance managing risk and safety.

Mark’s career and explorations continually take him around the globe, creating an unending list of pursuits and inspired challenges. Mark’s experience internationally, and the tens-of-thousands of hours of experience of first hand, real-time ocean knowledge is second to none.

Mark has spent countless months throughout his career exploring the planet’s oceans, ranging from Indonesia, South Africa, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific Islands and Mexico. He is always looking for a new perspective or answer to the never-ending puzzle that our global oceans pose. Mark has become one of the foremost experts on sharks and their behavior in their natural habitat. Mark’s reputation precedes him with his many legendary cage-less shark adventures with some of the oceans biggest predators, the Great White and Tiger shark. His study of these amazing creatures is no stunt, Mark has quickly become the go to expert for applying scientific tagging devices to various little known about species of shark like the Thresher and Hammerhead while working in conjunction with international scientific research projects. This includes multiple appearances on Discovery Network’s Shark Week and the first ever international scientific collaboration between the University of Tokyo and the United States.

Mark’s insatiable desire to explore and learn from Earth’s wild places has continuously led him to that edge where great danger and great beauty meet. It is here, in places where no one else has been, that Mark finds himself most at home. His years spent as an outdoor enthusiast means seeing ecological degradation firsthand and Mark has committed himself to living a sustainable lifestyle. At home on Oahu, Mark usually spearfishes or bow hunts for the protein portion of his meal. Everything else is grown organically in his garden.

Healey’s deep respect for the ocean and desire to help defend the planet, speak to the transcendent power that comes from experiencing the force of nature firsthand. While Healey thrives on the elements of danger inherent to his work, he is truly motivated by a desire to educate people and build a deeper understanding of the ocean and the natural world. “Anytime you step into the ocean, you’re in an environment that’s completely uncontrolled by humans. Everyone needs to connect with that sort of wildness in some way, especially in a time when there’s so much noise and distraction in our daily lives.”