HWO_ITINERARY_SAMPLEPope Family Memorial Day Weekend, 2016 Itinerary: (2) DaysAloha, Mr. Pope!We are excited that you are considering an HWO curated adventure for your family over the 2016 Memorial Day weekend on Oahu.We have taken into consideration your desired request for a brief one or (perhaps) two day exploration and excursions around Oahu. After speaking with Mark and thinking of the best way to give you and your family a diverse and unique offering during your time in the islands, stray a bit off the conventional path and deliver an exclusive and customized experience that minimizes crowds, frustrations and distractions, please allow HWO to suggest the subsequent itinerary outlined below.Please note, these are just suggestions and we are happy to program anything you have in mind. We just wanted to present something hopefully a bit different and be able to combine multiple disciplines and aspects of the islands into a short time period as you outlined.Please see the detailed breakdown of the itinerary below.
HWO_ITINERARY_SAMPLEKahala Hotel, Waikiki, OahuAll guests will help customize their experience prior to arrival. Upon booking, our experienced HWO staff will help guide the guest through a bevy of options that will be tailored to their desires and wishes. As your holiday approaches, your itinerary will be adjusted to accommodate the current weather and ocean conditions and an updated HWO itinerary and arrival bags with everything needed for a one of kind Hawaiian adventure will be waiting upon check in at your hotel.
HWO_ITINERARY_SAMPLEMay 28th & 29th : HWO / Day-1Early morning call time, TBD.HWO staff will deliver customized cold pressed juices upon hotel pick up.HWO staff member will meet with guests to discuss the upcoming activities and ocean conditions for the days ahead and outline specifics for the watery adventures to come and to escort you and family to point of contact with the rest of the HWO team.Leave Oahu via private chartered helicopter for Lanai.Witness the exquisite sites and reefs of Oahu as you fly towards Lanai for your customized day of adventure. As the island of Lanai approaches, you will be flown over breath taking sites of the coastline and wild rugged terrain that few tourist helicopters attempt.(As an aside, the suggestion of Lanai is being offered because current local inter- island flights have been reduced dramatically and the current flight scenario is cost prohibitive to most tourists, hence, ensuring no crowds and exclusive and private access to a little known Hawaiian island)Upon landing, Mark and HWO team will personally escort you to private beach for beginner surf lessons and instruction.Surfs UpSurfing 101; Long Board Tandem Surf- (2 +hrs) / Morning surf lesson for beginnersThis half-day adventure will take place at a secluded, un-crowded beach. Before heading into the waves Mark Healey and HWO staff will do on the beach instruction on the mechanics of surfing, safety protocols and how to read the basic language of the ocean and its waves.You will be up and attempting riding waves during this session for a lot of family fun!
HWO_ITINERARY_SAMPLEORStand Up Paddle (SUP) Paddle Lesson (2hr+)Legendary Big Wave Surfer & SUP guru, Dave Kalama, will meet guests on the beach & instruct the family on technique, safety & everything SUP 101. He will get them out paddling and learning the basics on the water for a relaxing and refreshing family fun.After your surf and/or SUP session, enjoy a family adventure via Kayak, guided by Mark with insights and educational elements incorporated into the activity based on Marks three decades of ocean knowledge.Kayaking and Snorkel Dive Trip(2hr+)Family swill be able to surf small waves and get up-close and personal with turtles and dolphins while snorkeling and checking out this scenic coastline, all under the watchful eye of Mark and HWO team.Lunch - Fresh Local Hawaiian Picnic on private beach.Lunch at a scenic local beach, Four Seasons Manela, or be helicoptered to another part of the island for a change of scenery and have lunch at a secluded off the beaten path locale. This is definitely way off the normal tourist agenda. The choice is yours.After lunch, parents can opt for massages at Four Seasons, Manela (if we stay locally for lunch) and the kids can continue on with Mark for the Island Survival Course adventure.MHs Island Survival 101(1.5hrs+)Family will be taken to a nearby secluded cove or appropriate beach. There, Mark Healey will take you though an island survival course. They will learn how to retrieve, pick, open and eat coconuts, make fire and shelter. Understand the options available and how to work with nature. Mark will also reveal other ancient traditions from indigenous Hawaiian and Polynesian cultures as they relate to raw survival skills and practic-es through the centuries.By late afternoon, you will be ready to head back to Oahu via private helicopter transfer. Seeing yet more beautiful scenery and ocean topography as you are whisked away back to the Kahala for the rest of your evening.Upon landing you will be greeted by HWO staff and driven back to the hotel to relax and unwind.
HWO_ITINERARY_SAMPLEMay 28th & 29th : HWO / Day-2Morning, 7am Call Time:HWO staff will deliver customized cold pressed juices upon hotel pick up.Family will be driven to your own private charter boat for a day (or half day) on the water with Mark and team. We can do introductions to traditional fishing, free-diving, spearfishing and a deep-sea educational component as the family snorkels and Mark provides insights and observations based on various locations and activities off the coast of his home island of Oahu. We can also include HWO expert team members Kimi Werner or Shelby Eisenberg if their expertise is required or desired based on the dayschosen activities. (Please see separate attachment for bios on HWO team). This day is full of adventure and education as you get exclusive understandings and intuitions from one of the worlds best waterman.Lunch: A light lunch can be provided on board and enjoyed in a private bay or secluded spot.After returning to shore, the family will be taken back to the hotel to relax until sunset. HWO staff can also deliver the days catch to the Kahala hotel for preparation for the evenings dinner, if desired by the family.5:30 Cocktails & Video / Photo ReviewMark Healey and HWO surf staff will join guests poolside or at any Kahala hotel bar or lounge to go over their surf session frame by frame from the day before, giving them personalized insights and instruction to improve their surfing performance and experience in preparation for your next session.**Mr. Pope, please be advised this is but a suggested itinerary and we can customize and amend anything you would like. I have attached for your convenience an overview on the HWO team and an a la cartemenu of options in addition to those outlined in this itinerary.All pricing and team members subject to availability based on desired itinerary. I look forward to our follow up conversation to better understand your expectations and wishes!Aloha!-ChrisPartner, Healey Water Ops